Portrait of the godless

Genesis 33:1-34:31; Psalm 14, Matthew 11:7-30


When we forget God or do not fear Him we regress to our flesh. We see an example of this with Jacob’s sons taking revenge on a whole town after their sister is defiled. Not relying on God’s wisdom leads to sin. Two wrongs never make a right.



In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus pronounces “Woes” on the cities where He performed miracles and the people did not respond with repentance. Only the fool says in his heart, “There is no God”. Yet Jesus calls us to follow Him– His way is what it means to be truly human. Apart from Christ we can do no good thing and have no rest. Left to our own devices we are helpless and hopeless in sin. This was never meant to be God’s design for us. He is Lord of the living, not the dead. The spiritually dead cannot live in the power of the Spirit. All of us were once godless rebels. Those who recognize their need for God’s righteousness are washed in His limitless grace through the blood of Christ. Forgiven. Free. Righteous.

This is the transformative power of God.


Grace upon grace,


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