The Roadmap

“Oh, how I love Your law! I meditate on it all day long.” -Psalm 119:97

Why does the psalmist love God’s law? Because he loves the Law Giver. This is the proper order of affections. As God draws His children to Himself, we learn to love the One who redeemed us through the lens of Scripture. The Bible isn’t just a set of rules. We do not earn God’s favor or mercy through legalism. No, His Book is more- it is a Love Story. Putting the pieces of the Holy Word together with the laws, love, holiness, and redemption, we too can echo with the psalmist declaring how much we love God’s law. Through it we see our sin, desperate need for a Savior, and the way to have life everlasting with the Lord. Praise God for giving us the roadmap to Him through His sacred Word!

Grace upon grace,


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