Learned obedience through suffering

“Though I am lowly and despised, I do not forget Your precepts.” -Psalm 119:141

The psalmist is despised by others for taking God’s commands seriously. I remember an acquaintance one time referring to a mutual friend of ours as a “super Christian”. I knew what she meant, however, I don’t believe there are super Christians and regular ones. I think there are obedient believers and disobedient believers. It doesn’t mean they live lives of habitual sin, but they aren’t forsaking everything else to follow Jesus (Luke 9:23-26). We all have blind spots of disobedience which the Lord will mercifully show His children in time. In general, we do what we want, motivated by what we love- comfort, recognition, popularity, money, etc. God’s grace to grow us in spiritual maturity takes a lifetime. But as the power of the Holy Spirit changes the desires of a Christian, it comes down to one thing: Obedience. Do we trust God’s known character and revealed promises in Scripture enough to obey His commands? Do you love His authority over you?

Praise God for His grace toward every repentant sinner. The difference between a Christian and the lost is forgiveness. Only through the blood of Christ are you and I forgiven. It is when we acknowledge our sin and need of a Savior that we become truly free. Yet being a Christian does not mean a life of ease or “your best life now”. Jesus said if the world hated Him, they will hate His followers too. The psalmist experienced this. Yet our Lord gave us His example for enduring persecution, even to death. Do not be surprised when fiery trials come upon you and people reject you because you follow Jesus. It is part of what it means to learn obedience through suffering for His sake. What tastes bitter now will one day be sweet. 

Trouble and distress will come but God is our everlasting comfort. He is the Anchor for the drowning and will not let you go. His hold on you is firm. God is more compassionate toward His own than a loving mother is to her child. He is faithful to guide us in His righteous way, so that we become more like His Son. This world is our sanctifier, Heaven our glory and Home. 

Grace upon grace,


Growing deeper: Hebrews 5:8; Matthew 10:16-42; John 15:18-16:4; Isaiah 53; 1 Peter 4:12-19


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