The day after Easter

As you get back to your weekly routine, it would be easy to forget the day we just celebrated. Easter is in the books for 2023. Where has the year gone?! But I would encourage Christians to remember that Jesus is still alive, still on His Throne, still planning to come again. These truths sweeten our everyday lives in a way that is impossible for the unbeliever. The secular world just had a feast welcoming the season of Spring with bunnies, candy and dyed eggs (which are not wrong in themselves). And they have moved on, trudging into another work week. 

The shot of encouragement I want to leave you with today, is to remember God’s kingdom is forever. Did the angels sing to the Lord yesterday? Of course they did. Will they sing to Him today? And tomorrow? Yes. God is not dependent on our worship. He is glorified no matter what. Yet it pleases Him when we do bow down in humble adoration. A worshipful heart is a living sacrifice to our Abba, Father. The emotionalism and commercialism of Easter does not have to dictate the Christian’s worship.

Satan, our flesh and the world will threaten to undo us until we leave this earth. This confirms for me even more the spiritual realities at play all the time. There is a war going on for every soul. Imagine that. So just as God commanded Israel to remember how He rescued them from slavery in Egypt, did miraculous works in the wilderness, gave them the land of Canaan by driving out their enemies, we are also called to remember the day in history which changed everything. Jesus on the cross is not the end of the story. His resurrection isn’t even the end, but the beginning. Christians get to celebrate the death, burial and resurrection of King Jesus everyday. Easter is a way of life, not just a day. We are the ones who have been permanently forgiven, who experience the lovingkindness and grace of God into eternity. He knows our frame, that we are weak and forgetful people, which is why He gave us His Word to read, as well as the gift of the Holy Spirit. Read and remember. The day after Easter holds just as much awe and cause for worship as a specific day set aside on the calendar.

Grace upon grace,



The Perfect Passover



“It was just before the Passover Feast. Jesus knew that the time had come for Him to leave this world and go to the Father. Having loved His own who were in the world, He now showed them the full extent of His love.” –John 13:1


They wanted You dead

and You let them

take You away.

Questioned, accused, lies,

mocked, betrayed, beaten,


I helped.

The world was not worthy of such

a King.

You made this place Your home

for a little while

to reveal Yourself as the

Son of God.

You taught, You healed, You served,

You loved, You wept;

You obeyed God the Father.

“Hosanna!” they cried, “Save us!”

they pleaded.

Just as the Israelites selected an unblemished

lamb to cover their sins,

so God sent You, the Perfect Lamb

to cleanse our hearts.

Sin requires blood so You gave

Your lifeblood.

It is written, “The life is in the blood.”

Murdered. Resurrected. Redeemed.

Now we are made holy

because You were born to die –

To Save.

“Hosanna” was their shout,

Salvation is Your gift to me.

Hope lives

because Jesus has won.