Signs and Wonders

Exodus 5:22-7:25; Psalm 23; Proverbs 5:22-23


Our Father is a faithful leader guiding His people throughout history with anointed leadership, Scripture, the Holy Spirit and prayer. God used Moses and Aaron to speak on His behalf, to demonstrate His Power when the Israelites were in Egyptian captivity. Even when Israel lacked faith in God’s redemptive plan and Moses became discouraged, the Lord still moved forward in rescuing them. Moses’ staff becomes an object of God’s power and authority as it turns into a snake. His staff then swallows the Egyptian magicians’ staffs turned into snakes.

God’s goodness to never give up on His people, to guide and correct us when necessary carries over into the beautiful 23rd psalm. He is our Great Shepherd with His own staff and rod, not out of sadistic pleasure but out of His love for us. It is always for our good, as we learn to walk in the footsteps of Christ.


By contrast, Pharaoh’s hardened heart depicts the wicked who refuse to obey God’s correction. Rejecting His truth, His light, darkens the mind and sears the conscience.  The Lord will eventually give them over to their sin (Romans 1:21-25; 28). Disobedience is not freedom but eternal slavery.

God’s staff of righteousness is the perimeter by which we live our lives. Boundaries are for safety yet we must trust in our Father’s wisdom, operating within His commands. The Israelites didn’t demonstrate faith in Egypt until they were shown God’s signs and wonders.

Jesus rebuked the religious leaders who demanded a sign from Him to prove His Sonship (Matthew 12:38-41). They hated Jesus’ ministry and condemned Him to the cross. Yet this was not the end. Just as the Lord prophesied, this generation witnessed the ‘sign of Jonah’ as Jesus overcame death and lives today. What other wonder do we need? Blessed are those who acknowledge the Lord’s goodness and authority without demanding a sign and walk in obedience (John 20:29).


Grace upon grace,


Our Compassionate Shepherd

Genesis 28:1- 29:35; Matthew 9:18-38

“When He saw the crowds, He had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.” -Matthew 9:36


Leah is not loved. God sees Leah’s loneliness and blesses her with sons.

Jesus shows compassion to the crowds of hurting, broken people. Sickness, death and disappointment are attached to this world. We are all in need of a Shepherd to see us, love us and tenderly care for us. God sent Jesus as the Lamb of God so that He could be our Shepherd, our Hope.


Our Father sees the broken-hearted, whatever struggles you face. He mends us with truth, reminding you and me we are healed and we are being healed. Living between the two advents means becoming who we already are in Christ. Jesus has secured the place of every believer with Him.

Jesus went to the cross for sinners. He loves you and sees your need. His compassion for the helpless is still relevant today. Come ye sinners, poor and needy, Jesus will remind you of His love and power. Jesus makes us whole.

Grace upon grace,