Read Genesis 18:16-19:38; Psalm 8; Proverbs 2:6-15; Matthew 6:25-7:14

We read of man’s wickedness in Sodom and Gomorrah from Genesis. God’s wrath is on the unrepentant and this serves as a warning for those continuing in rebellion- God’s judgment is sure.

Then Psalm 8 describes the Lord’s majestic character. Such a contrast to the depravity of man and ugliness of sin! Sin kills, God gives life. The Lord revives, our sin is soul crushing.

What is the answer in pursuing the Lord, imitating Him rather than follow the ways of the world? Wisdom. The Proverbs passage speaks of wisdom for the way of the righteous. Relying on God’s wisdom provides the proper way to view all of life. We learn to trust Him with our circumstances. God gives us a right view of ourselves as we relate to others and Him. Our prayer life matures. Seeking wisdom is how you will grow in deeper fellowship with Jesus. He is Wisdom. 

Grace upon grace,


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