Jesus Heals

Read Matthew 8:1-17

This passage shows how Jesus healed different people with just a touch or a word. His unlimited power displays the Lord’s authority over every kind of physical and mental ailment- leprosy, paralysis, fever, demon-possession, and yes, even death (John 11:1-44). Jesus is willing to “make us clean” as the leper asks of Him.

He did many miracles in the sight of the people, relieving them from physical suffering and sorrow. Yet our longing goes much deeper than relief from temporal afflictions. We are in need of divine spiritual resurrection (Ephesians 2:1-5). Jesus has done this for every believer.

Even though you and I must endure trials of various kinds on earth, we are not like those without hope. Jesus was willing to heal us from our sin sickness. This is the miracle that matters the most. All who were physically healed by Christ during His earthly ministry died eventually. This is the curse of sin- Death. But those in Christ are made clean and whole. We get to live.

The effects of sin’s curse all around us in the world- political havoc, mental illness, hunger, injustice, divorce, abuse, incurable diseases. The world is broken and not as it should be.

But this isn’t the end of the story, not by a mile. If we hold onto an eternal perspective then we remember ourselves as pilgrims in a transient world (Hebrews 11:13-16). Final restoration when all things are made new is coming. One day, on the very last day, the Lord’s healing will be complete. And we who are called His sons and daughters will be Home forever.


Grace upon grace,



“He took up our infirmities and carried our diseases,” -Isaiah 53:4


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