Character Development

Genesis 26:17-27:46; Matthew 9:1-17


Jacob steals Esau’s blessing from their father Issac. Rebekah even helps Jacob deceive Issac in his old age and diminishing eyesight. Was she more discerning than Issac in this matter? Clearly they both saw Esau’s poor choices in wives did not honor God. Perhaps this is a lapse of judgement for Issac, feeding his desire for food and favoritism over the Lord’s will.

Yet God’s Sovereignty prevails despite Jacob’s deception and Issac’s temporal pleasure. The Lord preserves Abraham’s line and promise through Jacob the younger, not Esau.

In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus calls Matthew, the hated tax collector, to be His disciple. The Lord transforms the character of Matthew, like Jacob over the course of their lives.

This is the mercy of God, choosing unlikely candidates to participate with Him in His work. The Father’s grace is at work in hearts belonging to Him. His grace is on every believer, patiently sanctifying. Common grace is even on the unrighteous, as God reveals His power and provision by sustaining their life with each breath. God displays His handiwork in creation for all to see (Psalm 19:1-6; Romans 1:18-20). These are acts of grace for unbelievers to seek God while there is time.

Our Father doesn’t ask us to come to Him with our act together. It is as we faithfully walk in fellowship with Him that our hearts are changed. We are softened as our spiritual vision sharpens. Our character begins to reflect His own.


Grace upon grace,


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