Exodus 10:1-12:13


More than once Pharaoh tried to compromise with Moses on conditions for letting the Israelites go worship. Moses was unwavering because these were God’s terms. Like Pharaoh, those who attempt to negotiate with the Lord have no fear of God, not rightly understanding Who He is.

The last plague left no room for compromise with judgment over every firstborn son in Egypt. The instructions for Passover were very clear, as the Israelites obeyed God’s word by placing the blood of an unblemished lamb on the sides and top of the doorframe to their homes. Then each Hebrew ate the roasted lamb, bitter herbs and bread without yeast in haste as instructed by the Lord. Because of their obedience, God spared the firstborn in each Israelite home unlike the Egyptian families.






God defends those who take His Word seriously and obey Him- these are His people.  We may think it harmless to cut corners at work, lack integrity in how we treat others, or see how far we can push the envelope, but how we live before others matters. John MacArthur points out how the Church is responsible in representing Christ to the world saying,

“The Church’s greatest testimony before the world is spiritual integrity. When Christians live below the standards of biblical morality and reverence for their Lord, they compromise the full biblical truth concerning the character, plan, and will of God. By so doing, they seriously weaken the credibility of the gospel and lessen their impact on the world.”

The truth is God will not honor bargaining His commands of any kind. He does not haggle. This is the way of the unrighteous. God’s people obey Him and serve others because this reflects the heart of Christ who did not compromise His mission on the cross. Aren’t you glad Jesus perfectly obeyed the will of the Father? Christ set the example for daily living by demonstrating whole-hearted devotion to God alone as the only way to live. It’s important to note that this isn’t done in our own strength. As we mature in our understanding of God’s grace, the Holy Spirit enables us to live out the Lord’s will. Gradually our desires begin to match His, as our hunger for God grows. How incredible God even helps us obey Him!

God’s standard is ultimately in our best interest. We need not fear “missing out” on a full life because we don’t succumb to the pressures of the culture. God’s way leads to solid joy in a forever relationship with Him. In the end, those who remain steadfast and uncompromising in the Lord will hear “well done, My good and faithful servant” (Matthew 25:23). Keep persevering. Our Father sees your faithfulness to Him.


Grace upon grace,


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