Our words matter

“The Revolution will be complete when the language is perfect.” -George Orwell

During Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearing last year she used the term “sexual preference” when responding to a question about a sex-same marriage ruling in the Supreme Court. The next day, Meriam Webster changed their definition of sexual preference describing it as an offensive term. This was done to characterize Barrett as out-of-date, bigoted and hateful. If it sounds eerily familiar to Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four its because it is. Doublespeak is a deceptive (and powerful) tool used to distort words of any real meaning. Truth is defined by the individual or an oligarchy meant to control people through the power of language. In our post modern society our words are relative, with truth determined by “what it means to you” instead of absolute truth according to God.

This is why Christians must define terms by God’s Word, not our culture. Not only do we defend the truth through apologetics, we have to preserve it by speaking plainly. Our conversations should leave no room for misunderstanding. The culture uses a word that sounds good, like social justice, and twists it to promote an agenda of progressivism that is anti-Christian. Believers must understand that social justice is the gateway for Critical Race Theory and Marxism, not for upholding righteousness. Yet words that sound harmless, even virtuous, are deceptively taught in universities, high schools, corporations and the military as a means to educate and break down barriers. Yet social justice promotes partiality which is a sin and creates divisiveness not unity. Christians are to view all people as created in God’s image and therefore deserving of respect. Ironically, Martin Luther King Jr. said to judge others on the content of their character, not the color of their skin. Who cares what your melanin count is? If someone is purple, but qualified in their job then that should be the criteria used, not because of an immutable characteristic. Along with treating all persons with value, under Biblical justice, God calls each believer to defend the vulnerable, not the government. Godly leaders can use their influence for good in the government realm, but it is ultimately up to God’s people to use discernment and promote mercy through our everyday ordinary lives with the people we meet (Micah 6:8).

Lately the term equity is another word weaponized against those who disagree with CRT. Equity is concerned with equal outcome for all. Equality promotes equal opportunity for all. The difference lies in those who are willing to work for their personal goals in life versus those who expect to have the same end result without working for it. This is detrimental to a society that depends on handouts rather than sacrifices, creating a generational cycle of sin and a victim complex.

Even sexuality is up for debate as transgenderism, the focus of the Biden administration, infiltrates our schools and hospitals, forcing teachers and doctors to educate and mutilate minors who are sincerely confused with their own biology. God is clear on the definition of a man and a woman (Genesis 1-2) yet perversion of God’s design is rampant. The reason transgenderism is a topic we have to address at all is because everything these days is fluid, not concrete. The biggest lie in this endeavor is telling kids that they can reverse the courses of action they take if later on down the road Sally decides she likes being Sally and not Harry. However, a pre-pubescent girl taking hormone blockers could have long term damage related to infertility, permanent hair or body changes that make it hard to distinguish whether an individual is male or female. Not to mention the emotional and psychological harm this does. Speaking plainly with compassion can actually help and should not be considered hate speech when the truth is what someone crying out for help needs. Lets consider sharing the love of Christ first with Biblical counseling.

When President Biden calls for unity in our country it sounds good. Who doesn’t want peace and unity? However, the message underneath reveals what he actually means in ‘unity’. The way Biden defines ‘unity’ is for everyone to agree on the narrative he promotes. Anyone who disagrees or thinks for themselves by simply asking a question can be labeled a bigoted, racist, homophobe to name a few of the slanderous terms. Unfortunately infantile name-calling produces results in our cancel culture.

It will become increasingly hard to stand firm in Biblical truth in a country seeped with lies. Yet this is to be expected. The world hates the truth as it exposes their false reality, forcing them to confront their own sin (John 3:19-21). Do not be afraid when the pressure intensifies to conform to the world’s standard. The 21st century witch hunt on truth tellers and plain speakers is here. Yet, as Orwell put it, “in a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” He was not a Christian, but this idea applies most appropriately to believers. Speak the truth we know, and stand firm. Since all truth is God’s truth we can also rest assured that the truth we obediently speak will not return void (Isaiah 55:10-11). Exposing lies and shining the light of truth will either heap judgment on the unrepentant or bring a repentant soul to Jesus. We just have to be faithful because what we say and how we say it, matters to the Lord.

Grace upon grace,


3 thoughts on “Our words matter

  1. Wow , what a gift you have. You have a “Limbaugh” way of parceling the other side words and decluttering it to shine the light of truth on it. (ie) exposing it for what is,.. lies! So the next time I see you , (hope it’s soon) instead of a hug of love, how about we do a head touch in hope of me receiving a brain transference from you ! Keep up the fantastic work. Love Dad 

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