Liberty of Conscience

This is a helpful article regarding the heated debate: To take the Covid vaccine or not? I think it is a balanced and charitable argument regarding a Christian’s liberty of conscience. There are other issues where my convictions differ from my brother or sister in Christ. It does not dissolve our bond, but gives each an opportunity to exercise grace. God does deal with His Church corporately, but He also addresses us individually. When areas of this kind are difficult to navigate, we always go to God’s Word and remain vigilant in prayer. It is not my desire to wrongfully judge another Christian who arrives at a different conclusion than me on matters of conscience. My hope is wherever you land on this issue, we will not shame or bully one another to “our side”. That is sinful, for, “anything not done in faith is sin” (Romans 14:23) for the person whose conscience it violates. May God’s tender mercies and lovingkindness be over each of us, quickening our hearts according to His love.

Grace upon grace,


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