Eternal Riches

“Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in Your law.” -Psalm 119:18


Most of these verses can be stand alone prayers, like this one. The psalmist cries out for sharpened spiritual sight. It is one thing to peer through a peep-hole into a beautiful room full of riches that takes our breath away. But when the small view gives way to an open door, our access and vision has just been enlarged. This is what it is like to go deeper into God’s storehouse of treasure. This is what the psalmist desires. He knows the laws of God are worth infinitely more than baubles of diamonds and rubies. The wisdom of God is eternal. It is something we take with us when He calls us Home, unlike earthly treasure which must stay behind. Whatever the Holy Spirit teaches us now is for our profit while on our pilgrim journey. It will also be to our credit by living out the wisdom He has bestowed on us. God will be faithful to give us more if we are faithful with what we have already been given.


Grace upon grace,



Grow deeper: Matthew 25:14-30

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