Sovereign Presence

“My soul is consumed with longing for Your laws at all times.” -Psalm 119:20

As Christians we live in a world which is not as it should be. Even unbelievers recognize this, determined to create a utopian heaven on earth. Sin infects every person, even nature itself (Romans 8:19-23). Our only comfort, our only hope is God. He has revealed Himself through the Living Written Word. His fingerprints touch all of creation, masterfully crafting each sunset; forming the majestic elephant and all creeping things; designing every set of DNA for human life. Nothing is insignificant to our Master or escapes His eye. This is our wonderful blessing in beholding our God- all powerful, all loving, infinite and incomprehensible. Why would we want to worship anything less? 

The love of self often gains the throne of hearts, which is why the psalmist sees God’s laws, His revealed Presence, as essential for survival. Without them he is undone and life is truly meaningless. Yet God is faithful to draw near to those who seek Him (Isaiah 55:6-7). Let God’s ways and goodness consume you. Dwell in His mercy today.


Grace upon grace,



Grow deeper: Psalm 23

Further encouragement: His Eye Is on the Sparrow by Keith and Kristyn Getty

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