Standing on the Promises

“Turn my eyes away from worthless things; preserve my life according to Your Word.” -Psalm 119:37

This verse is a suitable parallel to the previous one. Along with turning toward God, the psalmist specifically asks to turn away from things which will burn up at the end of time. He knows temporal pleasures are worthless compared to everlasting riches; satisfaction found in God alone. The psalmist values more life in God which includes an ever expanding view of who God is, enriching fellowship with the Lord and His saints; more love, faith and power gifted by the Holy Spirit. As C.S. Lewis would say, “Further up and further in!”.

“Fulfill Your promise to Your servant, so that You may be feared.” -Psalm 119:38

Could King David (likely the psalmist) be referring to the promise of God in which one day the Eternal King would come from his line (2 Samuel 7:11-16; 27-29)? We know Jesus came from David’s family tree as God fulfilled His promise. Yet another part of the promise is yet to be fulfilled. At Christ’s Second Coming He will rightfully take His Throne and cleanse the world of sin and sorrow. What an Awesome God we serve! He is to be rightly feared and will be by all at the end of Time (Philippians 2:9-11).

Grace upon grace,


Reference: The Last Battle by C.S. Lewis


One thought on “Standing on the Promises

  1. Thank you for handling Psalm 119 so well, the Psalms are precious and instructive. Interesting, I have been listening to a version of Standing on the Promises, by the Speer Family. Their version went 14 months on the Christian charts as number 1 . A sweet reminder by you to cling to hold fast the everlasting promises of God .

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