The Church’s witness

“May those who fear You turn to me, those who understand Your statutes.” -Psalm 119:79

In contrast to the last verse where the psalmist does not pursue close friendship with the mockers, rebels and compromisers, here he seeks fellowship with other lovers of God. Why does he want that? Because people grounded in truth are a blessing to their spiritual family. Christians who take seriously the “one another” commands in Scripture toward our spiritual family will operate like the body of Christ before an unbelieving world. What a testimony to actually look like a cohesive healthy functioning Body! We belong to each other as we belong to God. He has designed us as His Bride, the Church.

So when we can’t see eye to eye on secondary, tertiary issues and so on, let us not become bitter, resentful or judgmental toward our brother or sister in the Lord. God loves them too and Jesus also died for them. When it is hard to love one another, remember how unlovely you were before Christ saved you and even now in your unlovely moments, that Christ does not send you a bill of divorce from Him! We look over offenses, we are quick to forgive and slow to anger. Satan would love nothing more than to fracture Christ’s body into a million pieces. Let us go back to the basics of the primary Gospel issue that unifies the Church. Start there then ask the Spirit to help you practice the “one another” directives within the Body of Christ that Jesus loves so much He was willing to sacrifice His life for us.

Grace upon grace,


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