Is God Trustworthy?

“All Your commands are trustworthy; help me, for men persecute me without cause.” -Psalm 119:86

The first part of this verse is an acknowledgment that our Lord, Maker and Law-Giver can be trusted. He will never deceive, never lead us astray from what is good, what is best for us eternally. God’s Word is absolute Truth. External circumstances do not change the object of our Hope or salvation status for the one who follows Christ the Lord no matter the cost. Their souls are secure so the inner man can rest despite the trials of life. 

The latter part of the verse is a cry for help. Even if the writer knows God can be trusted, he still prays for his suffering to end. Affliction is not without purpose, but unless our spirits are refreshed even with one cool drink, we will wither. Man cannot stand alone against our adversary the devil apart from God’s divine help. The thorn may never be removed, but our perspective can change. The psalmist also does not take matters into his own hands but instead trusts in the One who loves him best, the Perfect Judge. He will avenge His elect, His Bride, one day with complete finality when every tear will be wiped away and pain will no longer exist (Revelation 21:3-5). The reason you and I can have such outrageous hope is because of what Jesus Christ did on the cross. The God of the Universe came down to us because we could not go to Him on our own (John 1:14). He endured not only the hatred of men through persecution and murder, but experienced God the Father’s wrath, so those who place their faith in His sufficient blood never have to eternally bear God’s punishment for their sins. Our sins have been pardoned, wiped away, because of the matchless grace of King Jesus. He is worthy of our trust at all times, He is worthy of worship in all of life, even in persecution. 

Grace upon grace,


Song: ‘Wonderful Grace of Jesus’

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