An Eternal Heritage

“Your statutes are my heritage forever; they are the joy of my heart.” -Psalm 119:111

The psalmist turns his thoughts to the promises of God. It is good medicine for our hearts to meditate here. Even as the psalmist’s enemies oppress him, he remembers his spiritual heritage. He is taking the long view- an eternal perspective to life’s afflictions. If these words are penned by David then his blessing as a direct line to Christ is a very great promise indeed to cling to (2 Samuel 7:8-17). Yet every believer can enjoy this same heritage the psalmist speaks of because it is our eternal family line, which outstrips the weight of whatever earthly family line we have. Now all people, Jew or Gentile, from every tribe and nation and language are grafted into the family of God. God’s covenant with His people (all believers) is an everlasting covenant, a heritage which lasts forever. The Christian’s heritage is rich indeed.

God’s commands become our blessings. When we follow the way of the Cross our obedience turns into heavenly comforts and joys we experience in part now, but fully one day with the Lord. Like the psalmist, we can also commit our own life legacy to trust and obey Jesus’ simple command, “Follow Me”.

Grace upon grace,


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