Is He Worthy?

“The statutes You have laid down are righteous; they are fully trustworthy.” -Psalm 119:138

God’s Word has been tested in everyday living, throughout history and has not been found lacking. To truly live, our souls must seek the Righteous One. Only our Lord elects, redeems, satisfies and teaches the path of righteousness for His Name’s sake. It is for His Glory and our eternal good when we learn His statutes and practice them. Christianity is practical holy living which is only attained by the blood of Jesus and the power of His Spirit at work in the life of a believer. Only God is worthy of our worship which is why His people desire to obey Him. The Lord will then lead us in His goodness and mercy all the days of our life. And when our pilgrim journey in this world comes to an end, we will dwell in the House of the Lord eternally. This is His promise to His people. It is true and trustworthy.

Grace upon grace,


Growing deeper: Psalm 23; Titus 2:11-14

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