A Pilgrim’s Progress

“Yet You are near, O LORD, and all Your commands are true.” -Psalm 119:151

It is for the psalmist’s benefit to remember these two important truths. God is always near to the brokenhearted (Psalm 34:17-18; 145:18) and all His ways are right (Deuteronomy 32:3-4; Psalm 18:30). God’s character and promises are eternally true, since He is unchanging and does not lie. These are essential weapons for the Christian solider. God did not create mankind to then separate Himself from us. The Lord made you and I for fellowship with Him, to worship Him. If God did not want anything to do with us, then He never would have sacrificed His Son for helpless sinners. Fear not. The Lord is with you. He is with every one of His precious saints through the Holy Spirit.

Knowing with confidence God’s Word as revealed Truth is a source of comfort and encouragement. When chaos ensues, and the enemy chases you, hold on to the Gospel. We read it, meditate on it, carrying God’s promises in our hearts, asking for His wisdom and help to obey each day. God has not left believers to themselves. Christians enjoy the gift of prayer, seeking an audience with our Creator at any time. He has given us His very words in the written Scriptures. Day after day creation proclaims God’s faithfulness and beauty. The Lord directs His love in the blessing of Christian fellowship as we image Christ to one another through our obedience. May He give us clear eyes of faith to see with an eternal perspective today. We have the loving embrace of our Heavenly Father and His Truth to guide us on our pilgrim way.

Grace upon grace,


Growing deeper: Deuteronomy 4:7; Psalm 19; John 14:15-21; 17:17


4 thoughts on “A Pilgrim’s Progress

  1. “May He gift us clear eyes of faith to see with an eternal perspective today. We have the loving embrace of our Heavenly Father and His Truth to guide us on our pilgrim way.”

    I love the idea of asking Him to gift us with clear eyes of faith to focus on the eternal, and His loving embrace.

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  2. It is something I need every day- to have an eternal perspective as I live in the day to day challenges and blessings of life. This keeps me from despairing in the hard things or idolizing good gifts.
    Love you mom ❤


  3. What a blessed reminder, we have God’s word, and we have the privilege of reading and as you said “meditate “ on on scripture. It’s not escaping from life, but seeking God’s direction and encouragement to meet the world and reflect his image as you put it. Well done!

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  4. Thank you dad. I like how you said meditating on God’s Word is not an escape from life but the very means in how we engage life. It is one of the ways God is faithful to equip us as we live like pilgrims, until our faith becomes sight.


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