What the Christian gains

“I rejoice in Your promise like one who finds great spoil.” -Psalm 119:162

Charles Spurgeon once said, “In the evil times we have to fight hard for divine truth: every doctrine costs us a battle. But when we gain a full understanding of eternal truth by personal struggles it becomes doubly precious to us. If we have unusual battling for the Word of God, may we have for our spoil [treasure] a firmer hold upon the priceless word!” The struggles we experience today were not new to Spurgeon either. Even with the enormous blessings in his church and extraordinary preaching gift, Spurgeon battled depression. Afflictions like depression can be bittersweet. No one signs up for suffering, but the result when responded to in faith can be sweet. We learn more about God’s character, promises and even our own sin through these battles. Spurgeon points out how we grow deeper in fellowship with the Lord, regarding His Word as dear to us is through experience. It is one thing to know about God like we know about a restaurant, but have never visited it. I understand more about a restaurant if I go and eat there. What kind of food do they serve? What are the prices like? Do they have plenty of staff who are helpful? What you know about God and what you have experienced in your own life can be two unrelated concepts, or an avenue in gaining an intimate relationship with the Lord. 

The friends in my life are dear to me and I am thankful for each of them. My time is limited, but in order for these friendships to deepen I make time to spend with them. They are a priority, therefore I am willing to sacrifice other things in order to cultivate friendships with depth. This is true also in how we relate to God. Those who know what treasure they possess by being His child will not treat this relationship casually. It’s value is too priceless to be cast aside. The psalmist celebrates at the riches God has revealed to him. He holds dear what has been entrusted to him- a precious gift of divine mercy through revealed truth. The writer has already said how he holds God’s Word in awe, now he proclaims it as his treasure. On this particular verse Matthew Henry comments, “The more reverence we have for the word of God the more joy we shall find in it.” We are the ones with the victory, Henry says, over our enemies. Like finding a treasure chest, we have great joy in our newfound conquest- the joy of our salvation, the beauty of Christ, the loveliness of His Word. Yet we are also more than conquerors, when we realize just what we have gained! Dear Christian, you have lost your label as condemned; you have lost the wrath which God has prepared for those who do not believe; you have gained eternal life; you have gained a position as co-heir with Christ; you have gained fellowship with God and in Christ Jesus you are free. 

Grace upon grace,


Grow deeper: Psalm 34:8; Matthew 13:44-46; Mark 8:34-38; Ephesians 1:3-14; Romans 8:1-18

2 thoughts on “What the Christian gains

  1. What comfort and joy in knowing Christ! His love for us is so constant and never wavers despite our stubborn hearts. I come running back to Him like the prodigal child and He always welcomes me.

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