Wait and Follow

“I wait for Your salvation, O LORD, and I follow Your commands.” -Psalm 119:166

There is serenity in waiting with expectation as the Lord is about His work. He is Sovereign over all things, even the salvation of souls. God saves redeemed sinners from condemnation, as we are helpless to save ourselves. Christians are saved from our sinful nature and God’s wrath, to enjoy Him forever in His House of unbroken fellowship. What divine mercy! What a gracious God to serve! What could the psalmist possibly mean then when he says he waits for the Lord’s salvation? It can be temporal deliverance, such as from his enemies. It might also indicate the longing in every believer to see the consummation of God’s Kingdom in the new Heaven and Earth.

My son and I watched The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe movie on Sunday afternoon. It was his first time to see it and I was happy to share this story with him. C.S. Lewis’ tale brought to life on the screen still leaves me with tainted sadness over how the world is and what it should be. In the story, Aslan, his army and the four Pevensie children battle against the White Witch and her minions. The Christian analogies weaved throughout are beautiful and moving. Imagination breaks into spiritual reality, which I think, can be helpful to visualize. 

Christians grieve that the world is broken and evil wars against God’s goodness every day. The salvation believers possess today is the “already and not yet” portion of history. We wait with eager longing at the coming of Christ again to make everything right and take us Home. But in the meantime, how are we to live? What are we to do? Like the psalmist, the Christian keeps watch, waiting while living out the commands God has given us. The Westminster Shorter Catechism says the chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. The way we do this practically is by knowing God first as our Savior, Father and Friend. Then we get to follow His ways, which He has given us in the Bible. Living holy lives is our aim in pleasing the Lord of Heaven. It is the pathway to enjoy Him forever because this is what it means to follow His commands, living inside His will. This is a beautiful life well lived in His sight. As we become doers of the Word, we will not be put to shame. Faith bears fruit. And one day, our Living Hope Jesus, will be made sight to us. Until that day, wait and follow.

Grace upon grace,



2 thoughts on “Wait and Follow

  1. It is a joy to think about and anticipate what our futures with the Lord will be like! Thanks for the reminder that what we are seeing this side of Heaven was not God’s plan for us. The war is real and is between spiritual powers.
    Love the song, it is one we sing at Church.

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  2. Love the movie. Agree with the chief am to glorify God. What does the beaver say? “Is he dangerous? Of course He’s dangerous, but he is good.”

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