The Wellspring of our Hearts

“May my lips overflow with praise, for You teach me Your decrees.” -Psalm 119:171

This is outward worship reflecting the inner man, transforming the psalmist in spiritual maturity. God has been faithful to teach him over the course of his life. The psalmist is receiving his answer for deliverance from the previous verse by growing deeper in wisdom through remembering God’s promises, believing the eternal glory for Christians outweighs his momentary troubles. God will not be mocked. He will dispense perfect justice at the end of time, avenging His children. What is our response then? Like the psalmist, we too rejoice in childlike praise to our Heavenly Father. He has taught us to trust Him, and will continue to teach you and me as long as we have days on this earth. Why would anyone place trust in an unseen being? Because God has demonstrated His faithfulness throughout history, displaying His power and love toward His people. The Lord has kept every promise, every covenant blessing. Christians can overflow with praise and gratitude because God has shown the depth of His love and commitment to us by sending His Only Son Jesus to the cross. The death and wrath of God meant for us was laid on Him. Those who look to Jesus are saved by His grace and God’s rich mercy. This is worthy of our praise every day. May we remember the Gospel as we have been taught. It is true and it is true for all who come to Christ in faith. The wellspring of our hearts will naturally then burst into worship for our Savior and Friend, King Jesus.

Grace upon grace,


Growing deeper: Matthew 12:33-35


3 thoughts on “The Wellspring of our Hearts

  1. These are good and true words. Thank you for the reminder of the gospel and the great promises we have in our God through the Lord Jesus Christ!

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  2. Remember is what God instructed the Israelites over and over. We too remember how He has helped in the past and will continue to be there for us always. You are right, spontaneous praise is a result!

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