Radically Ordinary

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” -Edmund Burke 

The other day I was in a coffee shop waiting by the bar for my tall vanilla flat white. The gentleman working behind the counter solo began quietly singing a spiritual song as he crafted my caffeine. I couldn’t place the song, but heard phrases like, “Come, Lord Jesus”, “Hallelujah”, and “Coming soon”. It was a wonderful moment of kinship to realize the barista and I (hopefully) share the same faith, family and Father. He handed me my coffee and I thanked him adding, “Hey I like your singin’ too!”

It got me thinking about how Christians live in our culture today. When the LGBTQ “community” wants to identify themselves with their sex life, they wear rainbow colored t-shirts and accessories, or dress in drag. You know where they stand. This is true of any group- wearing a MAGA hat, donning a shirt with ‘I am black history’ or ‘Black Lives Matter’, sporting 2nd amendment rights, or a Choose Life bumper sticker- all speak volumes as walking billboards. But how do you spot a Christian stranger?

One reason I believe this country looks like Sodom and Gomorrah is because Christ followers in particular have acclimated, capitulated, and kept our heads down. Instead of heads up, shoulders back, smiling and speaking as God’s ambassadors, we have allowed the world to dictate what subjects are acceptable to talk about in our communities. Why is it polite society cannot comment on politics and religion? The topics go hand in hand as politics make policies that affect real people, reflecting the things we value as a society. Do we champion life in the womb or murder of an unborn child? Do we support homosexual marriages or Biblical marriages? Do we believe God created two genders, male and female, or 100 fluid “identities”?

Reformed Christian circles in particular have moved away from preaching these values to a muddled, merging with the world over the last ten years. We are no longer clear in where we stand on issues that should not be debatable as Christians. Instead of remaining set apart by using discernment in how we engage the culture, some have welcomed Vanity Fair with open arms inside the church walls. This is defended by well meaning church leaders as “loving” and “winsome”, all the while your unconverted neighbor remains content and oblivious in their sins because Christians have watered down truth, making it less offensive and more palatable for the general audience. It sends the message of not taking the Bible too seriously, because who would want a sermon when we can put on a show? Calling out sinful lifestyles is branded as judgmental and legalistic instead of what it actually is- loving someone enough to tell them they are about to fall off a cliff. The opposite of love is not hate but apathy. Even God has righteous hate over sin (as should we) but He is never apathetic. The definition of how we love our unbelieving neighbors has become skewed. In reality, mainstream Christian Reformers have morphed into another brand of a seeker sensitive church. The Christian’s response to all this confusion should not be unity at all costs (especially when that unity is tied to a secular world), but truth at all costsTruth is what unifies believers from every tongue, tribe and nation. If we cannot stand together on God’s inerrant Word and the commands He gives us, then what is our foundation but sinking sand?

David Platt wrote a little book called Radical years ago about how Christians should sell everything and move overseas as missionaries. That was the gist of it. Shortly after that wave, Michael Horton came out with a book called Ordinary, arguing believers are called to stay faithful right where God has placed them to influence the spiritual landscape. It doesn’t mean some are not called to be missionaries overseas, but we need faithful Christian engineers, doctors, pastors and homemakers here too. I think Horton was on the right track, but Platt has a point too. What if Christians in the Western world were radically ordinary Christ followers? What does it look like?

Whatever your profession, we must live differently than the world by the choices we make. This is our antidote. How we spend our time and money, what we watch, read and listen to, all play a part in shaping how we think and feel. Most of the time the messaging is subtle, yet over time these choices influence our worldview. Whether it is watching ESPN (which has become culturally outspoken), Disney+, the 24/7 news cycle, or even a show on Netflix, we start to listen to the commentary or plot as Gospel truth instead of fact-checking with Scripture. Even when we know a statement or action is unbiblical, it may not affect us as much because Christians have become more tolerant, passive and apathetic to the sins which grieve our Holy Father. By choosing to think critically ourselves instead of absorbing whatever Twitter says, we can learn to swim against the current instead of drifting like jellyfish.

Ideas have consequences, good and bad. Christians since the Fall have needed discernment, and we are in dire need of it today. We as fallen humans are susceptible to fear, pride, gullibility, idolatry, and indulging self-love over servant-love. Our daily choices, however small they seem to us, can alter the culture we live in. Choosing to not shop at a store which brazenly promotes self-mutilation and the breakdown of nuclear families; knowing when to speak up and when to keep walking; turning a show off when the content is anti-God; thinking critically about current events instead of being swayed by our emotions; learning all the facts before listening to mob rule; voting for leaders who support Biblical values; daily feeding our spirits with Scripture; being Spirit-led and not gratifying the flesh; practicing a healthy prayer life; and fellowshipping with other believers, are just a few ways you and I can become radically ordinary Christians. 

Obedience is how we worship. Obedience then to what or whom is the question. Are we trying to satisfy the world and live like God fearing Christians? Its getting mighty hard to do the splits these days. In the Old Testament (1 & 2 Kings), even good kings left “the high places” for people to worship false gods. It was a compromise for fear of public opinion. The worship of idols was popular and ingrained into the culture so these godly kings let it slide under the radar, except that their lack of total obedience led to more disobedience from the people they were meant to protect not just from physical harm but spiritual apostasy.

In the same way Christians will not look different from the dying world when we remain milquetoast. Acts of kindness are encouraged by Christians and unbelievers alike. What sets a Christ follower apart is not merely acting nice so everyone will like us, but also speaking the truth about sin even when it is uncomfortable. Being winsome toward others we disagree with is how we advocate the truth, not by compromising the truth.

It is easy to feel helpless as wicked leaders takeover and God’s values are mocked. But we have ways to engage the culture by combating the hell-bound lies which have been normalized, even seen as righteous, in the eyes of men. Let us make the most of the opportunities given to us individually, not merely speak on approved subjects to our neighbor, but initiate conversations about Truth. In our society today that is jaw-dropping radical. Our language needs clarification, or rather purging, about what truth is and the source of it. It is up to ordinary Christians to take back the dictionary as we learn to communicate frankly, openly and unashamed about what the Bible has to say about sin. The Gospel is the greatest love story, with the power to break the chains of sin that have so many enslaved. This is what loving your neighbor looks like right where you live. Perhaps God will use our personal obedience to spark spiritual revival and repentance in our world.

Grace upon grace,


Growing deeper: Ephesians 5:1-21

4 Ways to exalt Christ by not wearing a mask

It seems the further we get into COVID regulations to flatten the elusive curve people are becoming more and more conditioned to wear masks. They have become normalized in everyday life, shifting American culture into three categories. The pro-mask, anti-mask and the apathetic.

My goal is not to attack one group or another but thoughtfully consider the dangers of what this precedent suggests. Also as a Christian my reason in writing this post comes from a sincere desire to rightly handle the word of Truth. I don’t want to mislead anyone or promote further discord than our present culture already has. However, I do believe Christians in particular have lacked discernment, giving way to fear of men, not rightly grasping our Father’s Sovereignty. Christians should not be easily swayed by whichever way the wind blows, but stand firm in the truth we know, even when we feel alone in the fight. Pushback in a clear yet gentle way can still co-exist while peaceably disagreeing with someone. There are many Christians whom I would disagree with on greater issues than masks, such as baptismal mode, eschatology, or worship style preference. Yet this does not nullify my love for someone I can completely disagree with. The Christian’s outward behavior should represent the inner reality of Christ’s redeeming work even as we work through different viewpoints.

Regarding the mandate of masks, I would ask Christians (not at high risk) to consider exercising their freedom in not wearing one where appropriate. For example, my state does not require masks when voting or in worship. Yet many still feel the need or pressure to adorn a mask even when it is lawful to go without. This ends up doing more harm than good because of what our actions say. Here are 4 ways we can exalt Christ by not wearing a mask:

  1. Love your neighbor by telling the truth. Wearing masks for COVID19 perpetuates the narrative of fear and a lie. This fear is unfounded and actually harmful to the healthy individual covering their faces for prolonged periods. Most are not properly trained in mask-wearing thereby creating a bacteria zoo in their PPE which is the real danger in making someone sick. Wearing a sheer homemade veneer or bandana might make someone feel safer but does not serve the intended purpose to keep away COVID, thereby giving false security. Although N95 masks are better to wear, such as what medical personnel have, even healthcare workers get sick. It has been shown people who wear masks and those who do not can get the virus.

President Trump rarely wore a mask and contracted COVID19. This actually wasn’t surprising to me, given the hundreds of people he is around every day, especially while campaigning. It is also interesting that he seemingly recovered so well. Yes he was given the best care known to man but he is considered high risk given his age and weight. Yet God willed his life to prolong just as He determines all lives.

A proper understanding of this virus reveals that there is a 99.9% survival rate for the general population. Only a small percentage are in the high risk category- persons over 70 years of age and immunocompromised individuals. This isn’t to say others cannot contract the virus but chances are low and your ability to fight it even higher. Notice in the news the cases are reported and emphasized much more than the mortality rate. When the death total is given the media typically clumps the total number for the United States, implying the virus is more dire than it actually is. As of November 5, 2020 the CDC is reporting 233,129 deaths from COVID in America. The U.S. population is 331,687,749. Doing the math, this indicates that the virus has taken 0.07% of lives. One life is one life too many but we desperately need perspective. There needs to be context as to 1) the age of the individual and 2) was it compounded with a weakened immune system or other factors which made them more susceptible? Because of God’s mercy, COVID did not claim 2 million lives over the summer as predicted. Even with the slow rise in cases, it has not turned out to be on par with the Black Death, yet we act like it is the end of the world.

There is also inconsistency with wearing a mask all the time. If COVID19 truly was an existential threat to our society then there would be no exceptions to the mandate such as when one is exercising, eating in a restaurant or children under a certain age. The country would have to shut down indefinitely. But apparently COVID can tell whether you are seated at a restaurant or waiting for a table and can also discern your age. The inconsistency from the mask police is more telling than anything else.

When a child is afraid of the dark because of a monster in the closet, a parent doesn’t laugh at the frightened child. Neither do you enable their fears by agreeing with them that an imaginary monster is hiding in the closet. Instead, a loving parent addresses this fear by exposing the truth. So, what can a believer do in response to the COVID fears held by others? Compassionately acknowledge their concerns and lovingly shine the light of truth on this issue. This is actually what it means to sincerely love your neighbor and honor others (Romans 13:8-10).

2. How we respect civil authority and church leadership matters. I think some Christians have a misunderstanding of what this entails. I’ve observed well meaning believers use Scripture about submitting to government but take it out of context. America isn’t governed by a king, queen or governors, but by the people (1 Peter 2:13-17; Romans 13). For the American government, our elected officials can not decide for themselves what the Constitution says and make laws on their own for the people to obey. In this case, America drafted the Constitution as the law of the land with the Bill of Rights enumerating our unalienable rights. In its original intent, rightly interpreted, American citizens are given personal liberties which we are free to exercise. Leaders we elect into office, are to serve the people discerning each decision/law through the lens of the Constitution. It is not a free-for-all dictatorship position led by mob rule. Yet this is where we are as each month governors extend a nefarious mask order on the people they are called to serve with integrity.

For the Christian, this means a) we live by the freedom our Constitution allows while b) simultaneously realizing wrong headed leaders overstep their God given authority. No authority is given to a man or woman except by the Lord. We appeal to Christ in this matter asking for continued discernment in our response to civil authority.

As for church leadership the consequences of compromising with the culture instead of using Biblical discernment has had and will continue to have detrimental effects on the testimony of His Church. We are supposed to be a people who trust in God’s Sovereignty, not comply with unfounded recommendations. The more churches agree to foster fear with outrageous requirements the more likely we are creating a mindset that this “new normal” is acceptable. For those who argue people are less likely to attend church without restrictions in place I would counter with this: those leaders are putting control into the hands of men rather than submitting to God’s authority. It is folly to follow the crowd instead of Biblically leading the congregation.

Generally speaking we are to trust our doctors where our health is concerned, however this topic has become a partisan matter meant to divide the country. This is no longer only about our health, as masks have become extremely politicized. There is a pull for control in making the public wear masks, weaponizing the issue. Why would anyone do this? Because it’s an election year. COVID19 is a virus which the Left has used to its advantage taking a page from their playbook to “never waste a crisis”. Masks are being used as a visual reminder to the people that President Trump has not defeated COVID (because he’s not God) but under Joe Biden things will be different. It has become clear that an enemy does not need an army to overthrow a government, just fear.

3. Your smile is a ministry. Did you know that you are a blessing to others just by smiling? It’s true. Think of when someone walked past you down the grocery aisle and looked your way with a friendly smile. Or perhaps a loved one cheered you with a compassionate smile. You’ve probably been the one to offer this token as well. It says ‘I see you’ and ‘I care’. We’re missing this important component in body language by covering our faces. The faceless crowd is conditioning people to be void of affection, promoting isolation instead. It is the opposite of what a Christian should communicate. Especially in our churches, we have a golden opportunity to be a refuge from the world and welcome each other with smiling, happy faces.

4. Those in Christ use their freedom not to wear a mask because death has no hold on us (Matthew 10:28; 1 Corinthians 15:54-57; Philippians 1:20-23). I don’t have to live in fear of how I will die. If worst case scenario were to happen and I perish from Coronavirus this would be to my advantage. I don’t have a death wish but I also rest secure in my eternity.

Each day we get up in the morning is a risk. Living is a risk because we cannot cheat death. A brain aneurism, heart attack, stroke, cancer, car wreck, lightning strike or even falling asleep into death are all possibilities that await us. You know why? Because we are not the giver or taker of human life. God is. Until Christ returns 100% of the human race will die, and another generation will follow and so on into history.

This isn’t a scare tactic but to offer hope. There is a needle of hope in the haystack of confusion. His name is Jesus and the Gospel can break the chains of fear to the temporal, the slavery to sin, and the hold of spiritual death. John MacArthur noted in an interview that the real pandemic is sin. There is a disease which infects every person- a nature we inherited from Adam. Christ is the only cure for what truly afflicts us. Taking an eternal perspective does not discount our temporal reality but helps us see things clearly. We can rightly view COVID19 in light of who God is and what He has done for us through His Son Jesus. Whether you agree with me concerning masks or not, my prayer is for all who belong to King Jesus to look to Him for wisdom gaining a Biblical perspective in response to our current events.

Grace upon grace,


Should Christians vote for Donald Trump? Part 2

Joe Biden does not view our country the same way as Donald Trump. If Biden wins, he will usher in socialism then a Marxist society with the help of Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The 110 page manifesto known as The Unity Task Force is something out of a George Orwell novel. So is the idea of creating a “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” toward those who think differently than Democrats. Just to have a different opinion than liberal groupthink would become a crime. This isn’t a human rights issue like South Africa or WWII victims. This is a “truth” committee bent on squashing freedom of speech. It couldn’t be more dystopian. Along with saddling with Black Lives Matter whose goal is the destruction of America, the fabric of this nation would be ripped apart, sown back together via Frankenstein. This isn’t overreacting but stating what can happen under a liberal regime.

There is a reason the two main political parties have grown a bitter hatred towards one another. 2020 is a perfect example of this where leaders, news anchors and journalists openly disrespect and slander one another. Those on the Left versus those on the Right have a vastly different worldview. We don’t share the same vision for America which is why these elections get so heated. Christians need to vote for a philosophy that aligns with godly values. That candidate is Donald Trump. To be clear, he is not our Savior. This is a man who just happens to be on the right side of history given the two choices.

No matter who wins in November, God is still on His Throne. He uses the righteous and the wicked for His purposes. Its no wonder there are more wicked rulers dating to Biblical times than there are righteous ones. Remember when Israel demanded a king like the other nations? That didn’t go over so well with the first one (1 Samuel 8-15). Our inherent sin nature forgets God and forces Him out of every aspect of our lives. We’d rather replace God’s control with government control over us. So when you go vote on November 3 keep in mind that we are voting not for a person, but a way of life.

Along with voting, please continue praying for godly men and women to lead America. We need Biblical wisdom and courage now more than ever. If you need more information from news sources that shoot straight here are a few:

Prager U

The Daily Wire

Allie Beth Stuckey podcast ‘Relatable’

Also, here are two helpful podcast episodes on the Christian case for Donald Trump and our Religious Liberty at stake this election. I hope you take time to listen as it is more in depth and informative than what I can produce.

The Christian Case for Trump||Guest: Dr. Wayne Grudem

Trump v. Biden 2020|Religious Liberty| Guest: John MacArthur

Grace upon grace,


Jesus and Critical Race Theory


“Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked or stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of mockers. But his delight is in the law of the Lord and on His law he meditates day and night.” -Psalm 1:1-3


In the Gospel of Mark (11:27-12:12) the Jewish leaders challenge Jesus’ authority. Jesus drove out the money changers and people using the temple as a marketplace the day before. After their initial shock wore off these men confronted Jesus in a more aggressive manner. In the Lord’s wisdom, Jesus responds with a question concerning John the Baptist’s authority, which the Jewish leaders did not want to answer. They feared the people who viewed John as a prophet, nor could they admit John’s authority came from heaven thereby discrediting themselves for not acknowledging his legitimacy when John was still alive. Jesus knew this. Jesus was confronting their own spiritual hypocrisy for not acting like the spiritual leaders they claimed to be by shepherding the people, directing them to hear God’s wisdom from someone like John. These men were so caught up in their position and power they lacked discernment to see God’s truth and repent. 

It’s remarkable and disheartening to see Christian leadership can also be as flawed and blind to Biblical truth today. This year has unraveled leaders in the church, exposing them to be in err or lack backbone to stand up for Biblical justice. In our cancel culture, determined to drown out common sense and Biblical wisdom, Christian leaders are capitulating instead, for fear of…. being called out by the media? culture? unbelievers??

I’m afraid we have compromised for too long with the world and now we can’t turn back. There seems to be no distinction between Christians and unbelievers today. When we can’t say Critical Race Theory is satanic, and by its very definition shows partiality when the Bible is clear to not show favoritism (James 2:1-9). When CRT teaches that whiteness is evil and people with less melanin are intrinsically racist. How has CRT seeped into evangelical teaching? Quite easily actually, when for decades leaders in our churches have given way to secular culture in order to stay “relevant” and morphed into human jellyfish instead of standing up for God’s truth. The Church is known more for political correctness than Biblical justice. 

It is not sinful to point out sin. As Christians it is how we love sinners like us, directing them to Christ. The argument that we are opening the door to the gospel by meeting people where they are is a theory that has not worked well in practice. If anything, compromising with sin is what has the Church in this confused position. Churches that partner with CRT, LBGT, and abortion rights are devoid of love. That is enabling sin to spread like the cancer it is. So what should our response be? Speak truth in love. Always. Boldness among Christians is sorely lacking. We aren’t to be jerks but we don’t hold the door open for sin either. Instead of speaking out, condemning sin, we condone it by saying nothing at all or embracing it. 

Earlier this week President Trump called for the defunding of Critical Race Theory which has been taught in government training, even in the military, using our tax dollars. In this case how is it that Donald Trump has more insight to the pervasive harm CRT has caused over the evangelicals? Why is this garbage taught in our seminaries and churches? John MacArthur seems to be a lone solider in this fight against true Biblical injustice. Our problems in this world should be focused on our inherent sin nature, not catering to false oppression. We are all sinful and need Christ. One race is not better than another because Jesus created beautiful, immutable diversity with the colors of our skin. Highlighting one race over another is not equality but the exact opposite. MacArthur declares,

“Never has the church of Jesus Christ been more desperately in need of bold, courageous, clear-thinking, forthright, steadfast biblical leadership. As refreshing as it is to see a shift at the government level away from the deliberate dissemination of CRT propaganda, this urgently needs to happen in the church too.”

We need to get back to the basics, away from appeasing the culture we live in which does not acknowledge God as Supreme Authority. This world will always be filled with divineness and distorting Scripture, leading people away from what God’s Word really says. Even though the events in our world are distressing, as Christians we know the end of the Story. Look to God (Colossians 3:2). The Bible says “if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must master it” (Genesis 4:7). As we gaze in Scripture and see our own sin, may we repent and not rebel against the authority of our Lord and Savior. May we have the boldness and discernment to live out God’s Word, even if our Christian leaders falter. 

Here is a wonderful podcast that has helped me understand current events alongside a Biblical worldview. In this episode, Allie Beth Stuckey interviews Voddie Baucham concerning Social Justice Theology and what it really means. I hope you listen. Grab a cup of coffee and settle in. It’s going to be good!

Grace upon grace,



Unplanned: Movies That Matter And Why You Need To See Them

There are some films you see not for entertainment value but because of the message. It speaks to the heartbeat of current culture. This is why Unplanned was made. While I knew the movie would be hard to watch, there’s no way to really prepare for heavy content. In case you aren’t familiar with the recent film Unplanned, it addresses the issue of abortion, focusing on Abby Johnson’s story.

As a clinic director for Planned Parenthood, Abby rises to the top serving as the youngest director in just eight years. She even had two abortions of her own before working for this organization. The irony is that while she advocated for women’s rights to have abortions, she had never actually seen one done.

The day she assisted an abortionist by holding the probe over a mother’s belly, Abby finally saw the reality of abortion. She watches in horror as the infant twists away from the tube, and is then sucked piece by piece out of the uterus. I’m not going to lie, I thought I was going to throw up during this scene. The camera scans to the containers of blood and body parts afterward.

It’s gruesome to watch, but this happens every day, every hour, to thousands of humans who are murdered through abortions. It is happening right now as I write this- as you read this. Since Roe v. Wade in 1973 the death toll rises in the millions.


Abby had a complete shift in her thinking over unborn life. She was so shaken by what she saw that Abby resigned from Planned Parenthood and now runs an anti-abortion ministry called And Then There Were None.

Because of her experience Abby knows how to counsel women considering an abortion or women who have had one. This post is not a slam on those who made the decision to end their baby’s life. I can’t imagine that kind of grief. But this doesn’t have to define the rest of your story either. There is forgiveness and redemption for those who seek it. God provided a way for all of us through Jesus Christ so that we can have freedom and fellowship with Him without living under condemnation anymore. What makes this movie beautiful is the whole story. We see Abby’s life reclaimed and set with a fresh vision of hope.


Abortion is a shameful part of our history that most of us don’t think about often. I honestly don’t like to because I get upset, nauseous, and feel helpless to do any good. But abortion isn’t a game or just a political narrative. The greater evil at play is Satan’s victories in annihilating what God creates.

This doesn’t extend just to babies either. Where is the stopping point for someone who makes up their own moral code? What about the elderly in nursing homes who can no longer “contribute” to society? What about the disabled?

It’s ironic that in this modern era we consider ourselves so sophisticated and tolerant, as long as we’re not inconvenienced. I think one of the ways we can contribute to fight for life is through prayer. Don’t be fooled into thinking prayer is a passive tool. It is a valuable weapon for the believer. Use it and use it often. The only way a person who sides with abortion will ever see the truth is for their hearts to soften. God can do that. Sometimes when we need to justify our sin we become blind to the truth standing right in front of us.

Abortion is barbaric.

 Abortion annihilates humans.

 Abortion destroys so many lives left in the aftermath.

 We can help pick up the pieces. We can bring hope to men and women by showing them another way. One that leads not only to saving an actual life but healing for those caught in the lies and brokenness that the world applauds (Romans 1:32).


Please go see this movie. This is an important movement we need to support. It is rated R for the violent scenes. Hello. Sometimes we have to look the truth in the face ourselves to remind us of the heartbreaking reality. Unfortunately our local Christian radio stations won’t advertise the film because it has an R rating. Perhaps because the movie isn’t exclusively Christian they won’t back it up?

Unplanned depicts real people in real life situations- it isn’t always tied up with a pretty bow. This is exactly who Christ came for. He redeems the messy, broken, and sin-sick. Us. Jesus finishes our stories. Hallelujah.


Grace upon grace,


p.s.- The previews to this movie are mostly garbage. I have no idea why they chose them with this particular film. Just letting you know ahead of time so maybe you can avoid seeing the previews. 

How should Christians vote?

“I have revealed and saved and proclaimed-

I, and not some foreign god among you.

You are my witnesses,” declares the Lord,

“that I am God.

Yes, and from ancient days I am He.

No one can deliver out of my Hand.

When I act, who can reverse it?”

Isaiah 43:12-13

These are the words of the Lord. They are absolutely true and trustworthy.

God is the same God in 2018 as He was in 18 A.D. He does not “evolve” but is the Great I AM yesterday, today, into eternity. He always has been and will be.

Next week will be the mid-term elections. Whatever happens is under Sovereign Providence. We vote but we also pray and trust in the Lord. Because He is holding all things together.

God is at work and none can stop Him, not even the pits of hell.

Praise the Lord.


Grace upon grace,