Jesus and Critical Race Theory


“Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked or stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of mockers. But his delight is in the law of the Lord and on His law he meditates day and night.” -Psalm 1:1-3


In the Gospel of Mark (11:27-12:12) the Jewish leaders challenge Jesus’ authority. Jesus drove out the money changers and people using the temple as a marketplace the day before. After their initial shock wore off these men confronted Jesus in a more aggressive manner. In the Lord’s wisdom, Jesus responds with a question concerning John the Baptist’s authority, which the Jewish leaders did not want to answer. They feared the people who viewed John as a prophet, nor could they admit John’s authority came from heaven thereby discrediting themselves for not acknowledging his legitimacy when John was still alive. Jesus knew this. Jesus was confronting their own spiritual hypocrisy for not acting like the spiritual leaders they claimed to be by shepherding the people, directing them to hear God’s wisdom from someone like John. These men were so caught up in their position and power they lacked discernment to see God’s truth and repent. 

It’s remarkable and disheartening to see Christian leadership can also be as flawed and blind to Biblical truth today. This year has unraveled leaders in the church, exposing them to be in err or lack backbone to stand up for Biblical justice. In our cancel culture, determined to drown out common sense and Biblical wisdom, Christian leaders are capitulating instead, for fear of…. being called out by the media? culture? unbelievers??

I’m afraid we have compromised for too long with the world and now we can’t turn back. There seems to be no distinction between Christians and unbelievers today. When we can’t say Critical Race Theory is satanic, and by its very definition shows partiality when the Bible is clear to not show favoritism (James 2:1-9). When CRT teaches that whiteness is evil and people with less melanin are intrinsically racist. How has CRT seeped into evangelical teaching? Quite easily actually, when for decades leaders in our churches have given way to secular culture in order to stay “relevant” and morphed into human jellyfish instead of standing up for God’s truth. The Church is known more for political correctness than Biblical justice. 

It is not sinful to point out sin. As Christians it is how we love sinners like us, directing them to Christ. The argument that we are opening the door to the gospel by meeting people where they are is a theory that has not worked well in practice. If anything, compromising with sin is what has the Church in this confused position. Churches that partner with CRT, LBGT, and abortion rights are devoid of love. That is enabling sin to spread like the cancer it is. So what should our response be? Speak truth in love. Always. Boldness among Christians is sorely lacking. We aren’t to be jerks but we don’t hold the door open for sin either. Instead of speaking out, condemning sin, we condone it by saying nothing at all or embracing it. 

Earlier this week President Trump called for the defunding of Critical Race Theory which has been taught in government training, even in the military, using our tax dollars. In this case how is it that Donald Trump has more insight to the pervasive harm CRT has caused over the evangelicals? Why is this garbage taught in our seminaries and churches? John MacArthur seems to be a lone solider in this fight against true Biblical injustice. Our problems in this world should be focused on our inherent sin nature, not catering to false oppression. We are all sinful and need Christ. One race is not better than another because Jesus created beautiful, immutable diversity with the colors of our skin. Highlighting one race over another is not equality but the exact opposite. MacArthur declares,

“Never has the church of Jesus Christ been more desperately in need of bold, courageous, clear-thinking, forthright, steadfast biblical leadership. As refreshing as it is to see a shift at the government level away from the deliberate dissemination of CRT propaganda, this urgently needs to happen in the church too.”

We need to get back to the basics, away from appeasing the culture we live in which does not acknowledge God as Supreme Authority. This world will always be filled with divineness and distorting Scripture, leading people away from what God’s Word really says. Even though the events in our world are distressing, as Christians we know the end of the Story. Look to God (Colossians 3:2). The Bible says “if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must master it” (Genesis 4:7). As we gaze in Scripture and see our own sin, may we repent and not rebel against the authority of our Lord and Savior. May we have the boldness and discernment to live out God’s Word, even if our Christian leaders falter. 

Here is a wonderful podcast that has helped me understand current events alongside a Biblical worldview. In this episode, Allie Beth Stuckey interviews Voddie Baucham concerning Social Justice Theology and what it really means. I hope you listen. Grab a cup of coffee and settle in. It’s going to be good!

Grace upon grace,



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