vision of joy


The two blind men wanted their sight, Bartimaeus and an unnamed man. Don’t we all want to see? Need to? In blindness we run after gods made out of stone, not even thinking about the God Man who became flesh like us. Jesus restored their sight that day. He gave them the gift of human sight, but more importantly, faith sight. It isn’t until Jesus touches our eyes that we are healed too. Our soul eyes need to be opened before we realize the need for a Savior.

“I once was blind, but now I see” as the old hymn goes. Even with the gift of sight I sometimes decide to take off those glasses. Because at least for now while I reside on earth in my flesh, my glasses serve as a tool for better vision. I think those should be included in the spiritual armor of God. I need reminding to keep them on so I don’t wander off blindly, hands outstretched, searching, grasping air. Because when I remember to put my glasses on and gaze into the Word of God, I see with intention. I go joy hunting and His Word gives me breath and life. I learn. I learn over and over again to follow Him through the valley and peaks of life.

We follow Jesus until our dying breath living out His will, in His strength. And after death we still live in His presence forever and ever- Joy made flesh and sight and solid. What a sweet healing for our eyes, for our souls. What restoration. How vital to really, clearly see in 20/20 spiritual vision, crystal clear in heaven.


These two men knew the power of Christ. Not only that, they understood His divine identity before they could even see. God was working on their spiritual eyes before He healed the physical. Because eyes to see the mystery of Christ is more critical than the ability to see anything this world has to offer. They followed Him with joy after Jesus healed them because they knew. The blind men had faith in His uncontainable power, His compassion for those without sight to see Saving Grace.


To see God fully is what I long for, I want to see His face by settling into the joy of the Lord. The Spirit acts as the eyes of my heart. Tear down the walls I put up and give me grace to see in spiritual technicolor. That is the true reality, the one in which I cannot yet grasp vividly.

What I live in now is smoke and mirrors, which will soon burn away and shrivel up. It isn’t really real. I can touch it, see, taste, hear, and smell the good gifts but something greater, more real than where I am now, awaits.

Thank You El Roi for the glimpses of the far better and not yet. Thank You for loving us so fully and completely.

Thank You, Father that You are “the God who sees”. We desire to be seen, noticed, cared for, understood. You tell us to “cast all our cares on You” – help me to see as You see things, with holy eyes.

If I learn to see the everyday graces, to trust You in everything, I just might find myself surprised by joy. Looking for grace upon grace today.


Grace upon grace,


Go Deeper: Matthew 20:29-34; Mark 10:46-52; Luke 18:35-43

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