Joseph’s heart

Genesis 39:1-41:16; Psalm 17; Proverbs 3:33-35; Matthew 12:46-13:23


When Potiphar’s wife repeatedly seeks Joseph out to sleep with him, the Bible records how he avoided her, then finally runs away from her presence. He explains why he won’t commit adultery, out of respect for Potiphar, his master who honored him by placing Joseph in charge over his entire estate. Joseph also adds that he will not sin against God this way.

Instead of being rewarded for his integrity, Joseph is falsely accused and put in prison. Even this injustice does not cause him to turn away from God (Remember how his brothers faked his murder and sold him as a slave?). The Scriptures show how the Lord God was with him still. He never left Joseph alone in his trials.


Joseph chooses reliance on God through all the ways he is mistreated by others. Psalm 17 written by King David hundreds of years later, could have been echoed by Joseph too in his situation. Wherever he served, the Lord blessed Joseph by setting him apart so that his authorities took notice.

Joseph demonstrates wisdom in interpreting dreams from the cupbearer, baker, and Pharaoh. He plainly tells these men that God is the interpreter of dreams, not him. Joseph is humble. He sees himself as a vessel to be used by God however the Lord sees fit. This is a heart God honors. This is what grace overflowing looks like. Joseph’s life is an example of growing deeper into the good soil as a faithful servant.

One who trusts God even when the circumstances are bleak.

One who relies on God’s perfect justice, in His infinite wisdom, according to His Divine Plan.

This is a heart that reflects Christ.


Grace upon grace,


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