Genesis 41:17-42:17; Psalm 18:1-15; Matthew 13:24-46


After Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s dream he is placed in charge over the whole land of Egypt. Joseph oversees the provision for the country anticipating the seven years of famine. He is second in command. God delivers Israel (Jacob’s family) and Egypt through the wisdom of Joseph.

Joseph parallels a type of Christ operating under the power of only one with authority over him- Pharaoh. Jesus is equal to the Father yet obediently submits under His authority. Jesus delivers His people, the Church, on the grand stage of redemption. On a smaller scale yet still providential, Joseph saves his people from famine. Israel is preserved, even Gentile Egyptians, from certain death if Joseph were not placed in charge to provide food for those in need. The people were starving and went to Joseph to be fed.


Humanity starves for spiritual food only Christ can give. God made a way for us to come to Him by sending His Son to the cross. Our Father most assuredly does not lose any He has chosen to save. He has fought for you and will keep you as the apple of His eye. We need only look to Jesus for our deliverance.


Grace upon grace,


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