God’s Justice

Genesis 42:18-43:14; Psalm 18:16-36; Matthew 14:1-12


Joseph concealed his identity from his brothers, testing them in their integrity. God providentially used Joseph to carry out the consequences of his brothers’ former actions when they sold him as a slave. Joseph had done nothing wrong but continued to rely on the Lord for wisdom and favor. God avenges Joseph as he hides his identity until the right time.

John the Baptist was also a righteous servant yet his life is taken as he is beheaded. God’s justice for John’s blood did not happen in this life. The Lord will avenge him and all evil done against His children, but it will be in His way and in His time.


Psalm 18 promises the Lord will faithfully avenge, but man must learn to trust Him fully and not seek revenge themselves. God used Joseph as a means to bring about immediate justice. Interestingly, Joseph also demonstrates profound forgiveness for what his brothers did to him. As a Christ figure, he beautifully illustrates what we deserve in our sin (judgment) but what Jesus also offers all who trust in His salvific work (forgiveness and redemption).

Sometimes we won’t see God’s perfect justice executed here on earth. His promise of restoring all that has been lost and wickedness that seems to go unpunished will come to fruition on Judgement Day. So we trust in His infinite wisdom and deep love for us knowing our Father will do what is best. The Lord is on your side and will fight for you. In Christ, we’ve already won.


Grace upon grace,


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