Providential Care

Genesis 50:1- Exodus 2:10; Psalm 21; Matthew 16:13-17:9

God gives aid to His people throughout history and fights for them. In His Divine time and way the Lord orchestrates redemption for chosen Israel- time and time again. Another way we see Him at work is the outworking of our faith. Believers will bear fruit because of the transformation He has done in us. We no longer live for ourselves but for Christ. Faith brings obedience which requires action producing fruit. God blesses those who fear Him, warriors of truth and righteousness, despite worldly consequences.

God is faithful to preserve, protect and bless His children. It may be in ways we don’t foresee or understand, like Joseph’s life. God’s Glory will not and cannot be stifled by man’s plans. The Lord works through our circumstances even when there seems to be no hope. God is our Hope.

The best way the Lord has taken care of us is through His Son. When Jesus went to the cross He gave Himself, redeeming sinners from certain eternal damnation. Christ is the meaning of life, in which we can rightly view everything else in our world.

Make no mistake that God is actively at work today, just as He was with Israel in Egypt, just as He will be tomorrow. The Lord is near. We are merely called to walk by faith and obedience. Observe how the Father has taken care of you. He is our Faithful Shepherd.

Grace upon grace,


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