Holy Ground

Exodus 2:11-3:22; 1 Peter 2:4-10


Does your life feel very commonplace? Ordinary? Most of us pass our days in a fairly mundane routine. I’m all for these kinds of days and often talk about it on here. But did you know that even if you live a plain life, like every other average person, you are also holy? Jesus has made this so.

When the Lord called Moses to Himself in the burning bush, God instructs him to take off his sandals for he is “standing on holy ground”. The Great I AM used Moses to rescue Israel out of Egypt, keeping His covenant with Abraham. The Lord went to great lengths showing His love and devotion to His people. God performed miraculous signs and wonders before Pharaoh and the Egyptians to free Israel from slavery.

God came to the rescue for His people again later in history to finally redeem His own once and for all. The Lord sent His Son to the cross for sinners like you and me. Jesus endured a gruesome death, and worse, took God’s wrath upon Himself so you and I never have to experience this. Jesus set you free.

What love is this?

Who has this kind of power, defying sin and death?

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Only God in Heaven, who came down incarnate, to deliver us from certain eternal hell. He has restored us into fellowship with the One who loves us best. We now have Christ with us always. Be encouraged that the God of this Universe loves you enough to pursue your soul like this. God has made for Himself a holy people- you and me. We serve a Holy God and what a privilege to know Him and be known by Him. Wherever you go, whatever you do in your day-to-day routine, it is holy because Christ is in you. Jesus humbly served while on earth, doing common daily activities yet He was perfectly holy.

We may still war against our flesh and Satan, but now there are two natures at work in you (Romans 7:14-8:4). We are His saints, part of a royal priesthood, ministers of reconciliation. This is deep joy for the Christian. Moses received an up close view of God’s awesome holiness. At that time the Lord was beginning the beautiful work of introducing His character to His people. Living after the cross we now are always in His Presence, with His Spirit, standing on holy ground.

Jesus exchanged our filthy rags for robes of righteousness. Following in the footsteps of our Savior, common work becomes an act of worship. It is both solemn and filled with laughter; bustling with activity and a quiet hush of reverence. Your life in one sense is very ordinary in this world, but quite glorious in the spiritual realm which will last for eternity.


Grace upon grace,



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