Ocean of Mercy

“Remove from me scorn and contempt, for I keep Your statutes.” -Psalm 119:22

The scorn and contempt from men is one thing to endure, but to experience this rejection from God would be unendurable. It is literally a living hell. This is why our Lord, rich in mercy, made a way for us to approach Him though we are sinful and undeserving. God sent His Son Jesus to take our rightful place under His wrath, so we never have to bear eternal scorn and contempt from our Lord. As severe as the Lord’s judgment is for the unrepentant sinner, His ocean of mercy washes over the redeemed saint. The contrast could not be greater. There is no middle of the road, no lukewarm setting, no compromising with God.

Our sins carry consequences, justly provoking the Lord in anger. This is why God gave us His commands to follow, to pursue holy living, reflecting His Spirit. It is not a design of legalism, but birthed from an intimate fellowship to please our Lord with how we live day by day. Even when we stumble, “men are not cast off by the Lord forever. Though He brings grief, He will show compassion, so great is His unfailing love. For He does not willingly bring affliction or grief to the children of men” (Lamentations 3:31-33). Great is God’s mercy over His beloved, elect children.

Grace upon grace,


Grow deeper: Lamentations 3:19-58

One thought on “Ocean of Mercy

  1. Yes the Lord’s Mercy is great. I just heard a podcast that pointed out in the story of the Fall that God cursed the serpent and the ground, but He did not curse the people. He is so merciful. Of course we now live with the consequences, but He is slow to anger with us and provides forgiveness when we humble ourselves and repent.
    Thank you for your post!

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