Responding to evil

“Though rulers sit together and slander me, Your servant will meditate on Your decrees.” -Psalm 119:23

Keeping in mind the previous verse, we know the psalmist experienced rejection and injustice from men. Some of these men held power, possibly ruling over him, able to make his life even harder as they saw fit. Yet the psalmist is resolved to not give in to sin as they do, but directs his response Heavenward. It is the only right response for a Christian. Even though rulers of earth lord over people, abusing their God given authority, the psalmist proclaims his allegiance to the Lord. He is God’s servant, submitting to His authority when men try to subvert the Eternal King.

The psalmist will look to God to settle all injustices once and for all. Indeed the Father allowed His own Son Jesus to experience the greatest injustice at the hands of wicked leaders. But what they intended to do for evil God used for His Glory and our eternal good. Praise God for the willing submission of His Suffering Servant!

Grace upon grace,



Grow deeper: Romans 12:17-21; Isaiah 53

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