A Firm Hope

“Do not snatch the Word of Truth from my mouth, for I have put my hope in Your laws.” -Psalm 119:43

The psalmist has tasted the sweetness of God’s Word. He prays to always be fed. Feeding our hungry souls with truth will blossom into love, desire and a longing for more. For the spirit which is lazy in discipline, the delight of God’s Word will diminish. The one who seeks will increase in spiritual hunger, sharply sensing the goodness of Scripture. The psalmist prays for more blessing, hoping with firm confidence the Lord will not decline his heart’s desire.

“I will always obey Your law, for ever and ever.” -Psalm 119:44

It isn’t enough to be only a hearer and seeker of truth. One must be a doer of God’s commands as well. This is where our faith becomes practical to everyday life. Even though the psalmist is boldly resolved to obey God’s laws forever, it is with the help of His Spirit that any of us live in obedience.

Connecting with the previous verse, the root of fruit is desire. We want to obey Christ because we love Him (John 14:15). He has appointed us to bear fruit for His glory which occurs as we operate in His wisdom, strength and power and not our own. As you and I abide with God, He will help us live out this verse like the psalmist. 

Grace upon grace,


Grow deeper: John 15:1-17

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