Free to Live

“I will walk about in freedom, for I have sought out Your precepts.” -Psalm 119:45

There is freedom, liberty, open space to live when we know our boundaries. This is why God’s Word is good for us. He has commands for you and I to follow, for our protection, because He loves us. They are also for our sanctification, to increase our love and trust in Him. With God on our side we have nothing to fear. No dictator, oppressive government or overbearing boss can take away our eternal reward. The significance of this matters for how we go about our day to day. Keeping an eternal perspective helps when we are tempted to give in to doubt, peer pressure, worry, fear or despair. God’s people live set apart, swimming against the cultural current. And let us be a free people- a people of prayer, living boldly, peacefully and joyfully before others. This is the power of Christ in you.

“I will speak of Your statutes before kings and will not be put to shame,” -Psalm 119:46

The psalmist has courage to speak truth even before the most powerful men in his world. He is willing to speak up because God is his treasure. We cannot clam up about what we love most. Therefore God is not ashamed to be his God and the psalmist’s eternal reward will not be met with shame but with blessing.

Grace upon grace,


Grow deeper: Mark 8:34-38

One thought on “Free to Live

  1. Proclamation or just a word of affirmation, or a word of thanks to someone can be a wonderful way of sharing God’s message in an intentional way,… spreading seeds.
    Love your writing !

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